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Blades of Grass with sprouted grains and legumes for livestock feed

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Unit Prices $650-$60,000

Please allow us to introduce ourselves and share some great information with you! 

Our amazing team here at Sun Roads Farmory has absolutely perfected the hydroponic system of growing sprouted grains  and seeds to feed your herd- whether it be cattle, goats, horses, sheep, pigs or a mixture of them all! Along side of our exceptional quality stands the fact that our systems don't require a lot of land, good weather, field hands, or even a tractor. 

Our product line of portable fodder growing systems


















The Feed Systems are available in modular sized, fully transportable containers in a various range of sizes. SRF can also provide custom-sized commercial systems specific your needs.  Visit our Products page to learn more!

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We have growing equipment available for you too!

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When you are using an SRF system, not only will your animals' health improve immensely, but you will save money immediately!  As you watch your feed costs shrink, you will also save money by using less power, less water, and less manpower hours than if you were growing food for your animals conventionally.


SRF´s Alternative Feed System units operate on an average power cost of $2 per day. The system uses only .5 to 1.0 gallons of water to produce 2.2 lbs of green grass, whereas conventional growing methods require approximately 21 gallons of water. The irrigation water can be re-used for animal hydration or watering your garden. Depending on the size of the system purchased, typical operation takes only 15 to 90 minutes per day to harvest, clean and reseed the AFS unit.

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