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You're not one of those big, fancy cattle operations … you have a small herd.  Just a few saddle horses, maybe a few 4-H project animals.  Perhaps you're even considering sprouting a few greens for your own consumption.  They'd be great in that green smoothie you juice each morning! 


Don't let the smaller stature of this little work horse fool you!  It will meet the feed needs of nine of your prized animals everyday.  That's an 1,100 pound animal!  If your animals are smaller, you'll be able to feed even more!


Don't forget about those smaller animals, either!  Chickens, goats, sheep, & rabbits will love a lil' bit of fresh grass each day!  Especially in the cold, dry winter months!

Own it for less than $350 per month!

Click Here to apply for financing.


So, what can this little machine do for you?  Let me tell ya!

AFS 24 fodder sprouter

The chart below shows you the different growing options for our AFS 24.  


Grain Seeded          Grass Mats              #Grass                            Cost For Grain

   Every Day             Produced               Produced                     + $2 power daily


          18#                          9                             148.5#                                   $7.04

          12#                          6                               99#                                        $5.36

           6#                           3                              49.5#                                     $3.68


*These figures are based on an average 16.5# grass mat.  Our mats average between 15-18#.  Recommended seeding is 6# of grain per tray.  Barley prices are configured using a current national market price of $0.28 per pound.

The chart below shows you the maximum number of different kinds of animals you can feed with this machine.


                                                                                       Grass Mats                                               Maximum

                                                               Per Day                                                Number Fed



Finishing Steer                                 1 1/2                                                             6


Dairy Cow                                              2                                                                 4


Dairy Goat                                            1/3                                                             27


Ewe & Lamb pair                               1/4                                                            36


Horse                                                        1                                                                 9

(light work)


*For more specific information, including animal specific nutrition information, please see each individual animal page.

Mobile Users:  Some pages (especially charts) may not display correctly.  So we have something special just for you!  Click on the PDF file below and you can download this page easily & quickly!  The file is very small!  Or... if you'd rather, we'd love to send you information by email or just discuss our great products with you!  

Give us a call today at 800-252-5840!

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Dimensions and Pricing

The dimensions for our AFS 24 are as follows:

  14 feet long x 4 feet 11 inches wide x 8 feet tall


This machine can be mounted on a trailer for full mobility.  Please call for current price.


If you'd prefer your unit without a trailer, call or email for pricing. Own it for less than $350 per month! Click Here to apply for financing.


*Prices are subject to change without notice!  Here's a little hint for you:  "Like" us on Facebook or sign up to receive our newsletter and you'll be sure to keep up on all the current sales!

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