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Here at Sun Roads Farmory, we’ve absolutely perfected the hydroponic system of growing sprouted grains to feed to your livestock!  Our Alternative Feed Systems are created for you, by hand, one at a time, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship!


We are changing the future of how we produce and consume food for livestock and animal feed, as well as the way we feed our need for renewable energy. We accomplish this in many ways, two of which are:


  1. Our machines reduce the amount of water needed to produce this food. 

  2. Eliminating the need for farming equipment not only helps our customers save money, but also reduces the carbon footprint left behind.

About Sun Roads Farmory

Sun Roads Farmory has been providing high quality feed to livestock and pet owners for over 10 years. We focus on the customers' needs and strive to deliver the quality they deserve!  After 19 years of research and development, we have branched out and are now providing turn-key livestock feed growing systems to the public.

You will find that our product is skillfully manufactured with a meticulous commitment to craftsmanship.  We build our product with one thing in mind-- excellent quality.  Stamping our name on a product is something we take very seriously and when our Alternative Feed System is delivered to your door, we have no doubt that you will appreciate the time and craftsmanship put into it!


We hope you'll find all the information you need here about the products and services you're seeking. If there are any further questions you have, we sure love to chat with you, our customers!  If you'd rather, we can also email or "snail-mail" (USPS) you any information you need!  We look forward to serving you!

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