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The Urban Cultivator Residential was designed with the home cook in mind. Functional and stylish, it gives them the opportunity to grow their own healthy and flavourful herbs, vegetables, microgreens, and flowers in the comfort of their own home.


Urban Cultivator Residential is an appliance that’s perfect for any household, whether living alone, or feeding a family of five.

Food at your fingertips


These appliances make growing your own food easy, featuring automatic humidity, lighting, and watering functions. You’ll also be providing your loved ones with highly nutritious and incredibly flavorful greens that make store-bought produce pale in comparison.


For a better future


Through growing your own, you’ll also be effectively eliminating your carbon footprint by removing the lengthy journey your food must travel before it reaches your table. Growing in an Urban Cultivator Residential means that you’re helping create a greener, more sustainable future.


Channel your culinary adventurer


Urban Cultivator offers over a wide variety of microgreens, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, from everyday herbs like parsley and basil, to more adventurous ones like shiso and sorrel, assisting you on your culinary journeys.


Plus, you’ll be saving over $100 per month. Can your wine cooler do that?

What will set your development apart from the ones across the street is the fact that yours will have the best appliances the industry has to offer. This positions your company as a green developer that’s a part of the quickly-growing sustainable community. 


Not only that, but those using the Urban Cultivator may save up to $150 on greens per month. When considering that store-bought greens have only a fraction of the nutritional content in that of produce grown in the Urban Cultivator, it’s obvious as to which is the better choice.


Join the incredible local food movement. 

People want green in 2015.


The number of farmers markets in the USA.


The number of farmers markets in the United States has grown 76% since 2008. There are currently 8,268 listed in the USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory.


Compare that number to amount of these popular fast food chains in the United States:


4491       KFC

7846      Pizza Hut

5769      Taco Bell

The media loves Urban Cultivator

Urban Cultivator has been on Martha Stewart’s own blog several times, many news outlets, such as National Post, the Vancouver Sun, the Metro, and television stations. As well, with the Commercial units prominently featured in many high-end restaurants in Vancouver and abroad, Urban Cultivator has received a lot of media attention. With such strong ties to the media already established—with Martha Stewart being one of our biggest fans—showcasing Urban Cultivator in your condominium can provide incredible exposure. This may also save your company a great sum of money normally spent on marketing. 

Call Sun Roads Farmory at 1-800-299-4313 and we'll answer any questions you may have as well as help you place your order. If you'd prefer, email us using the link below and we'll get back to you right away!  Click the button below to download our current catalog!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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