Your kitchen will never be the same again!


From the beginning,  Sun Roads Farmory has been about health and nutrition.   We're so pleased to come alongside Urban Cultivator and be able to offer superior nutrition to you and your family.  We've been increasing the health of your livestock herds for years and couldn't be more pleased to stretch out of that box and offer sustainable nutrition right in your own kitchen!


Urban Cultivator is the perfect indoor garden for your home. No pesticides, no travel time, and no food waste.  Just the freshest herbs and microgreens grown right in your kitchen for you and your family to enjoy 365 days a year. 


Urban Cultivator has residential as well as commericial models.  We're sure we have just the right configuration for you with options to suit your style.  Look around; you're going to love what you find!  


Call Sun Roads Farmory at 1-800-252-5840 and we'll answer any questions you may have as well as help you place your order. If you'd prefer, email us using the link below and we'll get back to you right away!  Click the button below to download our current catalog!  We look forward to hearing from you!



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